Latest Government FAD

If you don’t take care of your taxes, you risk some pretty expensive fines and penalties. Some of those amounts are fixed, like $89 per partner per month for failing to file your partnership return. Others are based on the actual tax due, like the 10% penalty for failing to file employment taxes. If the […]

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Don Draper on Taxes

Earlier this week, the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences handed out their 64th Primetime Emmy Awards. Showtime’s political drama “Homeland” was the big winner – stars Damian Lewis and Clare Danes won Best Actor and Best Actress, and the series itself won Best Drama. AMC’s period drama “Mad Men” was the big loser, failing […]

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Turns Out Crime DOES Pay

Back when you were a little kid, Mom and Dad warned you that crime doesn’t pay. (They also told you it was the tooth fairy leaving that money under your pillow.) But it turns out that crime does pay – at least for one felon-turned-whistleblower. Bradley Birkenfeld grew up in suburban Boston before moving to […]

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Living the Tax-Free Life

As the 2012 election draws near, and taxes take center stage in that election, politicians and pundits are weighing in on Republican nominee Mitt Romney’s personal taxes. Will he release any of his returns for years before 2010? Did he really not pay any tax at all in some of those years? Is there something […]

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Players Behaving Badly!

Football season is back! College teams have started already, and the pros kick off this weekend. So welcome back to the energy and excitement of game day. Enjoy the pageantry and the tailgating as the days get shorter and the air gets crisp. And don’t forget the tax liens! What?!? Don’t forget the tax liens […]

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Show Me The Money!

Last month, while most of America was still digesting news of the Supreme Court’s decision on healthcare reform, more news hit the wires. That’s right, Hollywood A-listers Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, better known as “TomKat,” are calling it quits after nearly six years of marriage. Of course, Tom has been down this road twice […]

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