Amber James, Esq.

Amber JamesBefore working with Borbala I was a mess.  I did not have a budget, had no idea how to plan for tax time, had never even heard of a budget variance report, and was basically flying blind in my law practice when it came to the financial health of my firm.  I did not have a bookkeeper, and I basically had a stack of papers that at some point before my tax returns had to be filed each year I “organized” into some type of financial report that I would use to file my tax returns.  Within a few weeks of working with Borbala, I had my very first budget.  It was so freeing to know that this is what I needed to shoot for each month, and I had an idea of where I was heading.  Now, I know where I am going financially and have a plan for getting there.  I highly recommend Borbala.  She has changed my life.

Amber James, Esq.James Family Law Firm, P.C., Huntsville, AL
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