Amber JamesBefore working with Borbala I was a mess.  I did not have a budget, had no idea how to plan for tax time, had never even heard of a budget variance report, and was basically flying blind in my law practice when it came to the financial health of my firm.  I did not have a bookkeeper, and I basically had a stack of papers that at some point before my tax returns had to be filed each year I “organized” into some type of financial report that I would use to file my tax returns.  Within a few weeks of working with Borbala, I had my very first budget.  It was so freeing to know that this is what I needed to shoot for each month, and I had an idea of where I was heading.  Now, I know where I am going financially and have a plan for getting there.  I highly recommend Borbala.  She has changed my life.

Amber James, Esq.James Family Law Firm, P.C., Huntsville, AL

Eric K JohnsonBefore working with Borbala, my business was “running,” but I didn’t know how well or even why, not to mention what it was capable of doing. I’m not an accountant, and frankly, I don’t like thinking about the numbers side of my divorce and family law practice.  Borbala’s CFO services provide me with a place for everything financially and every key financial detail in its place.

With Borbala’s help, I now know what my budget should be, how much I can and should pay my associates and staff, how to plan for maximum tax savings, and how to set and reach goals for increased profits.

Borbala loves this stuff and it shows.  She doesn’t just “do her job,” she takes a palpable interest in my practice and how it can be more efficient, productive, and profitable.  Each month we meet to review my books, analyze the data, and use that to ensure I stay on track.  And I mean on track to go from $500,000 last year to $750,000 this year.

I have a bookkeeper (who loves Borbala too). I have an accountant.  They do a great job, but their job isn’t the same as Borbala’s.  Borbala helps me make the most of my resources.  Because she is herself a CPA, she knows what my bookkeeper can and ought to be doing.  She provides me with a knowledgeable, neutral second opinion on my accountants’ work too.

From an ROI perspective, Borbala has been and remains an easy choice.  She’s careful, accurate, creative, and engaged.  I cannot recommend her more highly.

Eric K. Johnson, Esq.Utah Family Law, LC, Salt Lake City, UT

Cristin M LoweI had worked with two bookkeepers before Borbala.  The first one was able to balance my books, but she wasn’t able to guide me with financial decisions or strategies.  She couldn’t generate reports or give me the big picture I needed to grow my business.  So I turned to a certified QuickBooks Pro who although she had no expertise working with law firms, assured me that books were books, regardless of the type of business.  Big mistake!  She was non-responsive, over three months behind, and blamed me for not giving her the “tools” she needed to do her job.

By the time I handed my books over to Borbala, they were in complete disarray.  I was at my wits’ end, but I had no illusions that she would be any better than my previous two bookkeepers.  Boy, did she prove me wrong and restore my faith in the idea that I could not only understand my books, but I could use them to make decisions about my business.

In less than a week, Borbala had reconciled the first five months of the year, correcting my old bookkeeper’s numerous mistakes.  Suddenly, the numbers started to make sense!  In another week, she had balanced the three months’ worth of delinquent accounting.  When she originally gave me the timeline, I was extremely skeptical, as my last bookkeeper had never met a deadline she found worth keeping, but Borbala delivered.  I was thrilled, and it took no further thought whatsoever to hire Borbala as my accountant, CPA, and CFO.

Borbala consistently gives thorough, detailed instructions of what she wants and why she wants it.  She never asks for extraneous information, and she knows exactly what I need from her.  What I especially like is that she’s the expert, guiding me, and making my life easier.  With my last bookkeepers, I always felt like they were waiting on me to make decisions without the information I needed.

Now, I feel much more confident about my present and future financial picture.  She holds me accountable to managing costs, maintaining a budget, and monitoring my accounts receivable.  With Borbala’s help, I can make smart strategic decisions about my business without fear of causing financial harm.

All attorneys should have a top notch accountant, CPA, and CFO.  And if you want one amazing individual who can fill all three roles, you want Borbala.

Cristin M. Lowe, Esq.Law Office of Cristin M. LoweSan Ramon, CA

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