Liesel Darby

Liesel DarbyBefore working with Borbala, I was frustrated with finding all of the tax benefits I was entitled to, both in my business and in my personal tax situation. I was leaving a lot of deductions on the table and didn’t have a strategy.  I also didn’t have a trusted business advisor regarding other financial aspects.

Within one hour of working with her I had a much clearer idea of what I could do to maximize my tax strategy for my business. I highly recommend working with Borbala because she is a tax strategy expert, and is able to explain the technical aspects in a way that makes sense, without all the jargon.   She is also a warm and caring partner in shaping the financial future of one’s business. I never feel like I’m a “client”, I feel like a friend.

Liesel DarbyOwnerPossibilitiesSeven Hills, OH
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