Jenifer Johnson

Before working with Borbala, I was blind when it came to understanding what all the numbers meant.  Sure I understood the importance of income and expenses, but Borbala has opened my eyes so that I can see and understand what the numbers mean in relation to how the law firm is doing.

Within the first few months we had a budget that Borbala helped develop.   During our monthly phone calls we go over all the numbers so that I can understand what is going well with my firm and what needs attention. Borbala is always available with any questions and responses are timely and thorough.   Borbala is very knowledgeable, competent, and an excellent teacher.  None of my questions are “stupid”.  Our firm hired her almost 2 years ago, and she has seen our law firm grow and is aware of our challenges we face.  Currently we are in the middle of changing from the traditional hourly billing to a flat fee based billing system.  This has made several significant changes to our bookkeeping policies and procedures.

Borbala has been unfailingly supportive and enthusiastic of this change.  Borbala’s services have helped build the law firm.  Borbala has been a great asset to our firm and we are grateful for her guidance and expertise. I would recommend her services to any law firm needing more training on how to run a business effectively (this is course that law schools should offer but don’t).  I believe Borbala loves working with entrepreneurs because she is one. Borbala has helped our firm to change direction, resulting in a firm that is on solid footing and moving in the right direction.

Jenifer JohnsonAdministratorUtah Family Law, LCSalt Lake City, UT
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